Karen Scott Murals

Artist Profile

As a Visual Arts teacher with 21 years’ experience in secondary education, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the skills of painting and drawing to young people. But I have recently taken this new career path to follow my heart’s true passion, which is to create beautiful works of art that bring joy to others as well as to myself.

I specialise in what I like to call “stylised realism” in my depiction of animals and landscape, which gives my mural art and pet portraits a quirky and unique character, unlike anyone else. Using this style I can bring your visions to life whether it be through a beautiful pet portrait, a mural in your home or business, or giving new life to an old or dreary piece of furniture.

No matter what surface you would like painted in or around your home or business, I am happy to discuss your ideas with you. Together we will develop a design that is unique, beautiful or quirky, that will see your vision realised!